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QUESTION: What one “thing” gives you ALL these benefits?

  • Rapidly makes you more physically and emotionally attractive! (You’ll notice the “looks” you start getting within days!)
  • Builds and strengthens your self-confidence
    — empowering you to achieve anything you can conceive and believe!
  • Doubles (maybe even triples) your energy–giving you the stamina to go all day long!
  • Increases your income an estimated 13% to 29%
    — possibly more!
  • Makes you almost ridiculously happy and obnoxiously optimistic
    –the glass is definitely half full!
  • Enables you to sleep like a baby
    –deep, dreamy, rejuvenating slumber!
  • Makes you feel invigorated, vital, powerful and sexy
    –you become an irresistible force!
  • Protects you from disease, lowers blood pressure, lowers insulin dependency, increases bone density and can reverse symptoms you may already be experiencing, and wards off common colds and viruses!(Possibly the only legitimate panacea!)
  • Practically eliminates stress from your life
    — your shoulders will loosen up as the weight of the world is removed!
  • Makes you a better friend, lover, partner, businessperson, spouse, person

ANSWER: Read on to discover the answer and learn how to claim your no-obligation, no-strings-attached, FREE $91 gift!

Is it really possible that one “thing”could actually give you all those wonderful benefits? YES! It absolutely is. And that one “thing”is regular exercise combined with a healthy diet.

Whoa! Wait a minute. Don’t bail out on me now…

Let me explain!

Craig Johnson Personal Trainer Austin TexasMy name is Craig A. Johnson and I’m the owner of New Horizons Wellness and Fitness in Austin. I’m an ACE certified personal fitness trainer with over 10 years of experience. I have helped hundreds of people just like you reclaim, rejuvenate and resuscitate their lives through the application of regular exercise and a healthy diet. And I GUARANTEE I can do the same for you regardless of your age or current fitness level.

How to take control of your life!

It doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 80, slightly overweight or clinically obese, a former jock or a total couch potato…

I GUARANTEE You Can Lose All The Weight You Want And Look And Feel Better Than You Ever Have Before!

Everyone wants to feel like they are in control of their life. But being overweight or out of shape literally drains your life force and can lead to illness and disease. Not to mention that is saps your self-confidence, steals your self-worth, and makes you feel unattractive and powerless.

Being Overweight Is Like A Self-Imposed CURSE!

Studies show that when you feel good about yourself, you are infinitely more likely to get the job you want, earn the income you want, have the relationships you want, and achieve the goals you set for yourself.

And NOTHING Makes You Feel Better Than Being Healthy, Fit, Trim And Attractive!

Unfortunately, the proliferation of fad diets and worthless fitness gimmicks makes it very difficult for people to
know what works and what doesn’t. The truth is that a staggering percentage of “diet junkies” experience the “yo-yo” effect: the weight comes right back, sometimes more than you lost, and generally in a higher percentage of body fat. It’s dangerous and self-defeating. And the silly fitness contraptions sold on television are no better.

You know what happens: you’re excited for about a week or two, then it goes under the bed and collects dust.

Joining a gym is good, but will you go? And if you go, do you know what to do?

Most People Respond Best When There Is An External Source Motivating Them!

And that’s where I come in. You see, personal fitness training is NOT just for entertainers, athletes and the rich – it’s affordable and effective (more effective than anything else I know of) – personal fitness training is for anyone who is serious about happiness and self-fulfillment… and that’s you, right? You wouldn’t have read this far otherwise!

How To Claim Your FREE $91 Gift!

Free gift from Craig JohnsonI have a very limited number of openings in my training schedule, so I’m offering this special free gift to only the first 27 people to respond.

Here’s what you get:

  • A FREE Consultation including a complete health and fitness assessment (it’s fun, non-invasive and very enlightening!) $60 value.
  • A FREE nutritional log. $12 value.
  • A FREE personalized 30-day exercise program you can use with or without me. $19 value.
  • A FREE exercise log-book that helps keep you on track. $11 value.
  • PLUS: If you choose, you may also have a FREE 30-minute personal training session with me so you can experience the benefits first hand!

To take advantage of this limited time offer, you must be one of the first 27 people to call me directly at 512-797-0914. I can promise you two things: 1) You will learn a lot; and 2) There will be NO sales pressure (I hate being “sold” – so you can be sure I won’t try to “sell” you!)

Not Sure If You’re Ready?

If you’re not sure if you’re ready to claim your free gifts, but you think you’re interested in learning more about my GUARANTEED personal training services and how I can help you, then call my 24-hour free recorded message hotline at 480-9240 and request a copy of my revealing and provocative Special Report:

“Finally…The TRUTH About How To Lose Weight Permanently
And Feel Great About Yourself!
(Seven Jealously Guarded Secrets
of The Top Personal Fitness Trainers)”

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